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Social Innovation Forum

Social Innovation Forum Social Innovation Forum

Social Enterprise Network are holding an Innovation forum on the 24th March. They'll joining forces with the Liverpool-based think tank Incubator of Change to be hosting the first Social Innovation Forum conferences at the Liverpool Medical Institute on Mount Pleasant, L3.

The event starts at 9am and goes through until 1pm, there will be a chance to hear twelve short talks on different aspects of the social economy - from homelessness projects, to the rise of populist politics; from the economic theories behind social enterprise, to the data-driven future of the urban landscape.

They are bringing together twelve leading local figures from the worlds of business, academia, politics and more for a half-day of lightning talks on the ideas they think can help to improve the world around us. Come along for the full morning or pop in for a couple of hours. It's a chance to hear interesting people talking about interesting things, all in the name of the wider social economy. 

Ticket prices are being kept deliberately low and are priced at just £25 each to cover costs, with discounts for unwaged attendees. SEN members can apply for one free ticket per organisation by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you like TEDx or Ignite then it sound like you'll enjoy this. 

The speakers for the day are as follows:

Michelle Langan, Papercup Project, on Preventing homelessness and rough sleeping

Lol Baker, LJMU Fab Lab, on Cybernetics in the city, and the part LJMU can play

Tabitha Morton, Metro Mayor candidate for the Women's Equality Party

Matt Thompson, Heseltine Institute, on Urban social economy from an academic perspective

Jon Davies, Deep Hedonia arts agency, on How to help social entrepreneurs better engage with the arts

Lynne Robertson, Santander Startup Incubator, on Start-up Liverpool, and the growth of city business

Steve Rotheram, Metro Mayor candidate for the Labour Party

Cahal Moran, Post-Crash Economics Society, on Social economy teaching and pluralism in economics

Kate Stewart, We Make Places, on The psychology of making in the social enterprise sector

Sally Anne Watkiss, Homebaked Bakery, on Community trading and the Homebaked Bakery

Tracy Fishwick, People's Powerhouse, on The need for the People's Powerhouse conference

Social Innovation Forum Liverpool 24th March 2017

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