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Sunday, 18 April 2010 12:03

3D scanning at Interface Amnesty

3D scanned image and victimThis all took place at the Interface Amnesty 2 event at the Waterloo Pavilion, Blackburn on the 10th April 2010 and was part of the AND Festival


Sunday, 18 April 2010 00:02

InProcess:ing v1.2


an open forum for sharing creative coding and practice 
a scheme by Madlab and Cybersonica
Thursday, 22nd April 7-10pm

Saturday, 17 April 2010 22:48

Ignite Liverpool 2 - Video's published


Ignite Liverpool 2 was held on 15th April 2010 – 6-8pm Contemporary Urban Centre, 41 Greenland Street, Liverpool,

The event had a fantastic array of speakers, was well attended and even had 30 people watching on the Live Stream even though the presentations themselves weren't showing up. The organisers were really pleased with the event as so were the attendees in the flesh. It is quite certain that these ignite vents are due to become a regular feature on the Liverpool tech and geekery scene. There are more Video's to come but here is what we have for now.


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From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

Click to listen and for a free download



Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May


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